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Kraft thermosealed paper bags with protective cover of 120grs.


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Kraft thermosealed paper bags with protective cover of 120grs.

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The only one that comes neither from Thea Sinensis, nor from Asia, but it comes from the botanical species Aspalathus linearis, endemic specie of South Africa. Here we present it without any type of flavouring (it is usually presented with orange, etc.) to be able to value the proper characteristics of this infusion. It has a sweet flavour, similar to dried fruits (in particular to nut) and it contains, logically, neither theine, not even any similar type of alkaloid (caffeine). In South Africa it is taken with sugar (although it is possible to do without it) and with milk.


The infusion with this species is suitable even for children, so much for his digestive properties (adapted for gastrointestinal problems) and antihistamine (against the allergies), as for helping to keep strong teeth and bones for his high content in calcium and minerals (which also helps us to not do liquids retention). He is considered to be a quite recent "discovery", like so many goodness that can give us a continent as Africa and his use is becoming popular, because although his properties are very similar to those of green tea, also it is true that, it not contain theine in a natural way (it has not been undergone to any chemical treatment to eliminate it) and his sweet and agreeable flavour, reason why it is becoming a competition to the Asian drink.