Bee Products



Even children know that bees, in their honeycombs, prepare since remote times, using nectar from flowers, this viscous fluid, which sweet flavour is able to turn crazy even pacific bears of cartoon stories. Going to a more technical level, it is necessary to mention that the honey characteristics, despite it isn’t known by the general public, depend on the type of nectar and source, giving different kinds of honey.

Regarding floral source, the popular flower honey, it can be divided in polyfloral or monofloral, according to the predominance of a certain nectar, thing that also provides it with the properties of the domineering plant (that in some cases promotes the proper ones of the honey or it complements them). It is relatively transparent and delicate, that means that it can lose his flown character easily because of temperature changes (also the type of domineering nectar is determinant). In spite of this characteristic, a honey without his optical qualities is not an off honey as for properties and nutritive qualities, since it has such a resistance that even is (and has been) used to preserve.

His applications in gastronomy have no limits, although itself it is already a great nutrient (it contains minerals, vitamins, amino acids and antirust), besides it is a big energy source. At therapeutic level it is necessary to emphasize its antiseptic power against complaints of the respiratory tract, as well as, although it is less well-known, of the digestive tract. It is only necessary to have precaution with children younger than 1 year, because honey might contain spores of Clostridium botulinium that in immature bodies (so much at gastric, as immune level) might develop up to provoke botulism (this precaution should be taken also in many other foods that are uncooked taken).

All the varieties that La Flor del Pirineo presents here are of the highest quality, since only they are made by not pasteurized honeys (they keep all his original properties) and harvested in our country.


Pollen of flowers is gathered by the bees, which add also nectar and proper substances to turn it into these particular little grains, which hide a nutritive treasure. It joins all the essential aminoacids for the organism, even those not synthesizable by our organism and which we can only find in food of animal origin. It contains also five different types of vitamins and ten essential minerals for the smooth running of the human organism.

Anyway, it is an ideal tonic to fight fatigue (in all its variants) and anaemia, a help for a normal function of the intestinal system that reverberates in the aspect of our skin. As contradictory as that might seem, it is an ideal complement in slimming diets (it guarantees that our organism will not be lacking in any element).

In spite of everything, to obtain all these properties the regularity and the continuity are essential, since it is not a “miracle” product; even thought with a daily spoonful in the breakfast it is enough.


Royal jelly value is summed up in its genesis: the workers segregate this substance that it is able to turn a normal bee brood to a queen bee and that gives it a life expectancy from 4 to 6 years (the normal workers live from 1 until 3 months).

In human use it becomes a big stimulant of physical and intellectual capacities, but especially of mood for its high minerals content, which lack affects it in the negative. To obtain its virtues only one daily gram is necessary, but a consumption of at least one month.