Medical Herbs

In this section you can find the largest medical herbs variety, which origin has been carefully selected by La Flor del Pirineo always searching the maximum quality. 

Medical herbs information.

In fulfilment of the arranged in the R.D. 1907/1996, the information detailed in this space is in general and has an informative character, and “MEDICAL HERBS“ IS A TRADITIONAL DENOMINATION ACCEPTED BY THE COMPETENT ENTITIES REGARDING HEALTH, not an epithet that tries to promote its sales. In any case the above mentioned information can replace the consultation to the professional of health, to whom it corresponds the diagnosis and determination of the treatment, as well as its attention and pursuit. The medical herbs consumption has to be supervised by the physician (doctor, herbalist, pharmaceutical, qualified in medicinal botany), bearing in mind our characteristics (age, sex, constitution, medical record, symptomatology and medicines that we could be taking). Following this way, LA FLOR DEL PIRINEO, S.L. declines any responsibility for the prejudices that an individual may provoke if not follow these premises, moreover, this information is a compendium of the information compiled in several sources of informative consultation (edited and electronic). Anyway, here related pathologies are enumerated, never represents a medical brochure.

We would like to note out, for its special vulnerability, that pregnant women, nursing mothers, people affected by gastroduodenal ulcer and children must consult his specialist and not take anything freely that other people not related to the world of health have advised. Many herbs contain essential oils that in high doses can result neurotoxic, therefore it is necessary to be very careful in case of pregnancy (it might induce to abortions), when mixing with related medicines (tranquilizers, sedatives, etc.) and on use in children. In spite of this recommendations, it is important to remind that the most strict precautions must been taken when we use products made by active ingredients (synthesized products, essential oils made by extraction, etc.), because of its high concentration, it increases also the possible side effects (herbs contain them in a lower or more balanced concentration).

Finally, in order to sum up these recommendations, we must say that natural does not mean innocuously or miraculously, both ends are exaggerated: do not be auto prescribed (if you have serious problems of health or are being medicated, consult to your doctor) and do not hope solutions in plants that can not be found in other means.