Out of Africa

Can you figure out getting to know a drink full of minerals, rich in properties for the well-being of our body and mind and on top of that it could be sweet, warm and nice, both cold and warm? And what about if this drink could help us attack the effects of spring allergies and, in the same way, the first autumn colds and pharyngitis? And what about if, luckily enough, this was already discovered? It is not necessary to seek too far, but to know where to search. Once again the African continent gives to the world one of his kindness, this time in the shape of a plant for infusion: the rooibos tea. In spite of the fact that this botanical species was classified more than 250 years ago and that in Africa its consumption has a very long tradition, nowadays, since West has discovered it, it is at its very peak, which we hope does not represent its zenith. It is really worth having it into consideration, so much to replace traditional “cup” drinks that do not provide anything, but just the other way round, they only give us those elements that prevent us the absorption of minerals and provoke the "poisoning" of our body, as like to adopt this precious drink on a regular basis. Thus, it provides our organism with minerals as necessary as the calcium, the potassium, the magnesium, the zinc, the fluorine and the iron and few tannins, very important to get a good absorption especially of the iron; it contains vitamin C, flavonoids and superoxide dismutase (SOD). It is not only good as far as taste concerns, but it is also a great digestive, it reinforces bones, skin and teeth, it has antihistaminic effect, it represents an important isotonic drink for sportsmen and, furthermore, it helps us fight against the retention of liquids. It is possible to take it with milk or try the new versions that we offer you: with HONEY & LEMON (we have sought to promote the balsamic properties against colds) and MEDITERRANEAN with lemon, orange blossom and hibiscus (an unbelievable source of vitamin C an lightly sedative).