Salt & Sugar

In previous articles we spoke about the value of the aromatic plants as a substitute of salt in our diet; to a simple steak we can add, instead of salt, a pinch of oregano, thyme or savory, only to say some ones and we will see like this sad and colourless dish turns into an always different experience. And what can we say about fish? This dish that seems that only can be by the parsley accompanied... have you tried someday to shut up in an aluminium foil bundle fish with a pinch of white pepper and a few leaves of rosemary or thyme and to put it to the stove during 15 minutes? And like this, the list would be endless for as endless are also the tones and preferences of every palate.

But: what would happen if we could eliminate of our diet thanks to herbs another habitual excess called sugar? That maybe someone could brand us as madmen, sorcerers or smooth-tongued salesmen, but nothing could be further from the truth. Although we do not want to go into political, multinational too much loaded with economic interests discussions, we only will say to you that you should try to know STEVIA REBAUDIANA and you will do a discovery.