Pyramid tea bags

Pyramid tea bags represent an evolution of the traditional filter tea bags. When we talk about pyramids, we mean tea bags on a pyramid shape and made of nylon. In traditional filter paper tea bags content has to be very tiny, which does not affect its properties, but the organoleptic characteristics, commonly known as taste. In many preparations this factor is not relevant, since what is sought is the functionality of the product, but in others, especially in tea, any tea leaf that is cut too much or can not fully expand would result in ruining any variety. With the aim of moving the joy of a loose plant with the requirements of daily rhythm, La Flor del Pirineo presents a selection in this new format, allowing you to enjoy a great infusion at any time. Just to round off, we present the pyramids individually sealed, which not only protects the flavour of its content from external aggression, keeping all the aroma and flavour till its consumption, but it also allows us to enjoy our tea in any place. To top it off? Made with ingredients from organic farming! Get swept up in relax ... and let us share this special moment with you!