The other hay "fever"

Traditionally, spring is a time for slimming diets thinking about summer and to show off; what is true is that spring is a time of regeneration and detoxification. Both animals and plants, especially trees, get rid of the mechanisms that have made them spend winter safe from cold and inclemency. Animals, by means of an absolutely natural process, lose the excess of fur and fat, whereas trees show, materialized in leaves, the energy that they had kept in their sap. For sure at human level the diet has to be cared for the whole year long, since it is the way that our body undertakes a natural process similar to that of the animals. However, for the exoticism, for the markets globalization, finally, for the fact that the world has become smaller, we do not follow a diet based on the seasonal products: in autumn, dry fruits like chestnuts, tubers like sweet potato, bring us the energy that we need to accumulate to spend winter. In the same way, vegetables as fennel or celery, great diuretics and detoxifying agents, begin their season in February, one month later markets begin filling with fruits as strawberries, which are very diuretic. If we were to follow a diet based on the seasonal products, it would not be necessary to follow sudden, quite unhealthy and counterproductive diets, since our body would be adapted to every season. Since the general dynamics are very difficult to change, the only natural allied that we can find to save us from the fats and winter toxins -because of typical plentiful and greasy meals of the time - are the medical herbs: horse tail and cherry stems can help us to fight against liquids retention without demineralization; dandelion, thistle, artichoke and greater nettle, in fact vegetables that had always been consumed fresh, will make us a drainage of the hepatic system, leaving our body clean and letting him get rid of what he does not need in a natural way. There is always a medical herb adapted to our punctual needs: discover the potential that hides behind the plants and let Nature help you!