PAI MU TAN WHITE TEA (Thea sinensis)

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Kraft thermosealed paper bags of 50grs. 


New product

Kraft thermosealed paper bags of 50grs.

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It’s produced on a very limited scale, since the first sprouts are collected before they are opened and dry up, without further ado, becoming the most exclusive and pure tea and the one that less theine contains; this last characteristic makes it suitable for all kind of people, since it does not have almost exciting effects. His flavour also adapts in most palates, since it is the softest and less bitter one.


As it is the tea that less manipulation has, posses at maximum all the general virtues of tea and his antirust power trebles green tea one; that’s why is also called “Elixir of Youth”. This represents a higher bacteriostatic and immunostimulant capacity, helps fighting the physical and mental fatigue, increases the capacity of concentration, memory and the energy, it is diuretic and helps your body to lose fat (the magazine “Nutrition and Metabolism” has published a study where the investigators have showed that an extract of this infusion not only stimulates the mobilization of the fat from the mature fat cells, but also it inhibits the production of new adipocyts). In this sense, he is also a good ally against cardiovascular diseases, because it helps to reduce the cholesterol levels.