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Evening primrose oil 500mg. pearls

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Evening primrose oil 500mg. pearls


Evening primrose oil is obtained by cold pressure of the seeds, with a high acid linoleic and acid gamma - linolenic (GLA) content, both essential fatty acids for our organism. These fatty acids are called essential due to the fact that our organism is not capable of producing them and is because of it that must be included in our daily diet. The fatty acids supply us energy, support our corporal temperature, are constitutive of cellular structures, among other beneficial properties.


Though it looks like an exclusively feminine product for such benefits to female reproductive system (menstrual problems, pain and excessive bleed), it is suitable for all the people because of its effect in the circulatory system to different levels: from cutaneous problems, to cholesterol, but also with inflammatory problems and troubles in nervous system. In any case, it is a great complement in our daily diet.