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Wheatgerm in 400grs. pack.


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Wheatgerm in 400grs. pack.


Wheatgerm is the essential part as nutritional value of wheat. It is obtained as natural unaltered product, by the grinding of pure wheat. For its instability that might compromise the conservation of flours, it is eliminated of white refined flour and of integral standard flour in bakeries; in consequence the products elaborated with them lacks the food advantages of the grain of complete wheat. As for composition, wheatgerm is rich in:

• Proteins (23,2%).

• Essential fatty acids (9,72%), as linolenic and alfa-linoleic (omega-3) ones.

• Vitamins B1, B2, B6, niacin and folates.

• E Vitamin, excellent antioxidant.

• Minerals, especially phosphor, magnesium, iron and dietary minerals.

• Enzymes as superoxide-dismutase, with antioxidant action.

• Octacosanol: it is proved that increases the resistance to the fatigue and the athletes performance the in a natural way. .

Because it is a superfood, the fact of enriching our diet with wheatgerm (2 to 4 soup daily spoonfuls are enough), it can reverberate positively in problems of growth and development, affections of skin, hair and nails, conditions of nutritional special requirements (pregnancy, lactation, convalescence and old age).